First Five Things to Do Once You’re Engaged

Congratulations! It’s official, you’re a catch. Now that you’ve got the ring, it’s time to get to work planning the best day of both of your lives. We know that this time is very exciting, but may also be challenging. We’re here to help.

1.       Decide who to tell privately

It may be incredibly tempting to immediately Instagram your new favorite piece of jewelry, but it’s best to take a moment to enjoy yourself. Calling close family and friends before posting any engagement announcements is a good idea. It will save some feelings from being hurt if they find out via a third party (you don’t want your mom to find out you’re engaged a week after it was tweeted). Plus, you get to relive the excitement of it all every time you call someone to spread the news. Both of you should agree on when to really let the cat out of the bag.

2.       Plan on Taking Pictures

You’re in the sweet spot where you’re no longer single and you’re not yet married- take lots of pictures! Talk to your fiancé about setting up a photo shoot to capture your engaged period. You can use these photos for your wedding invites, for your thank you notes, or even as engagement announcements. We’ve got you covered with some photo-taking tips here.

3.       Say Thank You

It may not be traditional, but it is good to give a little thanks to the person that you love (and we’re big fans of thank you notes!). They went out on a limb for you, it’s sweet to extend a gesture their way too. You don’t have to go buying a diamond too, but a nice dinner or something fun they’ve been eyeballing can be a great thank you.

4.       Set your Own Pace

It’s completely fine to just enjoy being engaged for a while. You don’t have to immediately set a date once that ring’s on. If you have some other events going on in your life you want to focus on, go for it! Don’t let anything or anyone pressure you into rushing things. If you want a strict time line, go for it but don’t let anyone push you into setting a date before you’re ready.

5.       Start Saving

Now is as good a time as any to start saving up. If you two don’t have any sort of nest egg or savings, you’ll need it. It may feel like a big step, but opening a joint savings account may be an easy way to save money and earn interest. Even after the wedding, it can be good for married couples to have some sort of savings together for a rainy day (or even a sunny day- hello vacation fund!).


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Andrea Carter

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