Fashionable and Stylish Engagement Session from Big Star Studios

Gushing over this super romantic and lovely engagement session from Big Star Studios. Where can I even begin with the introduction to this e-session? How can I properly introduce this stunning session with this fashionable couple? There are so many details that I love about this engagement session, and so hard to choose one to talk about. So, I will just talk about all of them! First, I have to talk about the dress. How adorable is this dress? It is darling. And the shoes? This bride is totally rocking the pink heels. Perfect compliment to a stunning dress.  I can not handle how pretty this dress is. The bride looks amazing.  Obsessed! Some may say the wedding day is all about the bride, but this engagement session really is! If she looks this good now, I can not imagine what she will wear on her wedding day. I bet it will be as fabulous as this dress.  But I have to say something about the groom-to-be.  He is looking pretty dapper and fashionable. These two love birds should be models. They are so darn gorgeous, and I am loving their style. What is great about this couple, is that you can tell how in love they are with each other and Big Star Studios was there to capture it all.  For all you fashionistas out there, you do not want to miss this stylish and modern e-session. Enjoy the incredible images below.












From Big Star Studios …

Lynn and Pat are such a fashion forward couple! They wanted something a little more couture and styled than the norm. So we headed up above our studio in Mebane, NC turned up the Bob Marley and started shooting. We love the feel of this shoot. It really captures their passion and love for one another.

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Niloufar Gibson

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