Eiffel Tower Proposal

Recently I took a trip with my husband to Paris, France! One of the most romantic cities in the world!

One of my favorite sites was the Eiffel tower. This is the tallest building in Paris, and is the symbol of France. When I got close to it, I was so drawn to it, and could not believe how tall it was! I stood under it, and it was massive!

As we took the long elevator ride up the tower,  I wondered how many proposal’s have taken place here?  I thought how cliche  it is and not so special, as so many people have done it.

When you get to the top, I see how romantic it can be, as the whole city beneath you, and you are all alone on top of the world! Well not exactly, there are about thousand other people too. It didn’t matter, as it was a wonderful view with a wonderful person.  We watched the sunset drop behind the city, and shared a kiss. I did see how so many have chosen this spot to propose.

If you  plan to propose…make a trip to Paris, France and do it on the Eiffel Tower. Yeah, many have done it, but now I see why.  So romantic!

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