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Something  borrowed, something new, and  something blue. Yes, seems traditionally every bride will find details for each of these on their wedding day.   This gorgeous bride and her groom had something blue alright. They chose  Duke University Chapel for their wedding and showed off a bit of blue that day.  The stunning chapel seemed to be the perfect backdrop for this couple and their big day. I love myself a chapel wedding, and this one is beyond words can describe. Oh, and to add a bit of fun, the wedding party had some fun on Duke University basketball court. Enjoy the lovely images from Alexanders Studios and the beautiful details. What will be your something blue? Share with us in the comments below.






























From Alexanders Studios

Catharine Robinson & Cory Broadnax Story: Married at Duke University Chapel, Durham, NC . Catharine and Cory met through mutual friends in September 2010 at Catharine’s 23rd birthday. They went on their first date at a trivia night, where they learned they share a competitive spirit and love to challenge each other. Before long, Cory was daring Catharine to join him for workouts at his gym, and Cory would meet Catharine for lunch outside her office. They quickly fell in love over their shared enthusiasm for travel, football (Cory had played at Duke in college), and cookie cakes.In the years that followed they wandered the globe together, sailing the Greek isles, eating escargots in Paris, laying on the beaches in Mexico, drinking hot wine in Prague, and hiking the Colca Canyon in Peru. New experiences on each successive trip brought them closer together, and inspired them to continuously search out the next destination to explore.In 2012, they founded a business in Washington, DC to help fund their traveling addiction, setting up big-screen outdoor movies for backyard parties and fundraisers. Most Friday and Saturday nights for the next two summers were spent visiting neighborhoods all over the city, projectors and screens in tow, eating a rushed dinner in the grass while watching old movies.It was fitting, then, that Cory proposed to Catharine in front of their glowing movie screen, under the stars, on a September night in 2013.They decided to get married at the Beautiful Duke Chapel.  The reception married historic Durham (an old tobacco warehouse in Brightleaf Square) and the global atmosphere that embodied Cory and Catharine’s relationship (Chamas, a Brazilian Steakhouse). Every aspect of their wedding was executed with classic style and a timeless beauty. The meticulous attention to detail made for a stress free and fun-filled day for all.They continue to reside in a row house in Washington, DC with their rescue dog, Nino.


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