Do you have a Plan B?

For those of us who live in California, its seem safe to hold your wedding at an outside venue, right? Well, not exactly. Even if you choose your wedding to be held in the summer,(for the most part it is nice and warm), however we really do not have our four seasons here. There are certain months that we tend to get more rain and colder weather, and those are the months you may want to consider an inside venue. However, since we do have such beautiful beaches and views, there are couples who want to have their wedding at an outside venue. This is great!, why not take advantage of the stunning views and beautiful weather?

If you want to have your wedding at an outside venue, make sure to book that venue when the trends have been showing as weather being good that time of year. If you decide to book an outside venue, no matter what time of year, ALWAYS ask for a back up plan. PLAN B! As much as your venue will insist and promise that it will not rain, you must insist on a back up plan! We can not predict what Mother Nature will do. It is always better to be prepared than have to figure it out the day of.  Here are some points to think about:

1.  Ask the venue, what options are available for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception spaces? Ask for these diagrams in addition to the Plan A ones.

2.  If it rains, will there be umbrellas available for guests if they have to walk outside at anytime during the wedding event?

3. If you choose to still go ahead and have your event outside, ask if a tent can be put in place, and if so, will heaters be available? Most venues need to follow the fire marshall’s guidance and may not be allowed to have heaters inside the tent. Just be aware of this, so you can kindly tell your guests to bring something warm to wear. You may even want to consider having blankets available for your guests, so they can be confortable during the ceremony.

4. Always make sure to run through both plan A and plan B for the rehearsal. This will ensure a smooth ceremony.

5. Ensure that all your vendors know both plans, and provide them with all the details. For example, the photographer will need to know if more light is needed, since the location has changed to inside. They can then be prepared and bring lighting or extra staff as needed.

No matter if you have your wedding inside or outside, its your wedding day, be prepared and enjoy the day to the fullest!

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