Elegant Disposable Chinaware

Elegance and style does not always have to come with a heavy price.  These days, more couples want to create an amazing wedding day while staying within their budget.  You can have chic and glamour details while saving money. Yes, it is possible.  A great way to do this, is at the dinner table.  You are inviting your guests to essentially a huge dinner party, and want to use your best chinaware. Emily Tamir, owner at The LA Table, shared with me all the details of her company and the products they offer. They offer stylish dinnerware which comes in various styles, colors, and designs. I was amazed, and you will be to, when you find out that all the chinaware is disposable! Yes, that is right, disposable!  So at the end of the night, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. Emily also shared that all our products are made of  heavyweight plastic, and will fool your friends and family. I was for sure fooled, as the dinnerware is beautifully detailed and designed, and you can not even tell that they are made of plastic. I was impressed with the collections at The LA Table.

Here are the top five most popular dinner collections:

  • Paradise Collection: Thick boarder print in pewter matches back to any color scheme for a dramatic look.

Here is a close up of this beautiful plate. Gorgeous!

  • Palatial Gold Collection:  Gold geometric Moroccan Themed Border Print.  Coordinating salad/dessert plate and bowls available.  Also available in Silver. I love this design, so elegant.
  • Princess Gold Collection:  Detailed with gold stripes and dots. Coordinating salad/dessert plate and bowls available.  Also available in Silver. This collection is absolutely stunning!

  • Venezia Floral Collection: A beautiful and intricately detailed heavyweight floral set with accent dinner and salad Plates. How lovely is this set?

  • Casino Gold Collection:  Check out the unmatched luxury of this collection. Beautiful classic stripes make this set a show stopper!  Coordinating salad/dessert plate and bowls available.  Also available in Silver. This is so fancy!


  1. sharon manier says:

    What is the price per piece/ set?

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