A Disneyland Honeymoon

After such a elegant and classic evening spent watching  the Oscars, and celebrating the best of Hollywood, we’ve got something pretty awesome that we are celebrating today. We are excited to share this amazing post wedding celebration; the honeymoon. This is no regular beachside, or tropical honeymoon. This adorable couple travelled to the happiest place on earth to celebrate their love. After getting married at Walt Disney World, this couple continued the magic with a visit at Disneyland and Disneyland’s California Adventure. We absolutely love this! As you may know by now, we are Disney fans as much as we are wedding fans. So, when we received the gorgeous images from our friend and talented photographer, Michelle Lacson Photography, we jumped up and down. Literally! It is hard to contain our joy when the words, Disneyland and weddings, are in the same sentence. Its a perfect match.  Besides the location, what we love about this session is how Michelle Lacson Photography captured the true happiness of this lovely couple. Each image, no matter what the Disney backdrop, is shining with laughter and happiness.  We can not stop smiling when we view these images, and we have smiled so much our cheeks hurt. When your cheeks hurt that bad, you know its a good photo session. So, grab your morning coffee or tea and make some room in your schedule to view this Disneyland Honeymoon.


Which Disney moment is your  favorite? Please share with us in the comments below.





 Amy & Matt were married last year in Walt Disney World. They wanted to spend their honeymoon in Disneyland and California Adventure and brought me along to capture their memories. It was such a great day with Amy and Matt, and loved capturing such fun times. Disneyland is magical, but the love between these two is more than magical and it shows with their photos. 

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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Niloufar Gibson
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  1. I think Michelle did a bang-up job on these (and I’m not just saying that because my wife and I are the subjects). The service was wonderful and her composition was excellent. I’m so happy that we got photos in both parks, and Michelle really knew what she was doing as far as hiding other park-goers behind us or being patient enough to wait for them to pass, making it seem that the park was all ours. Thanks again, Michelle!

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