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Did you ever think that a piece of art can be part of your wedding day? Something so unique and personal, that it creates a lasting memory for you and your guests? Bethany Thomas, owner at Commemory Fine Art shares how artwork can be incorporated into the wedding day. She specializes in creating a lasting memory for important life milestones like a wedding day. A memory that can be shared with not only the couple, but all future generations as well. How wonderful is that! Are you excited yet? At the edge of your seat to find out how? Then let me tell you!

Bethany Thomas creates heirloom-quality paintings that can serve as lovely decor at the wedding day such as a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and sweetheart table, table artwork for the guest tables, and wedding dress/love story memory paintings. Not only does the artwork serve as a unique and personal decor piece at your wedding, it can then be brought home and be used as home decor. How great is that? What I love is that you bring home a piece of art from your wedding day, display it, and will always remember the wonderful wedding day for years to come.

What I am most excited to share is what Bethany told us about the recent artwork that she created for a couple at their wedding:

  •  My goal is to give the bride beautiful and meaningful textured artwork as decor for her wedding day that becomes a lasting memory of the day as decor in their home. It will last a lifetime and leave a legacy for their families they will enjoy for generations. I specialize in helping brides have a lasting memory of their dress rich in texture and detail.
  •  Amy and Christopher’s 14″x14″ mixed-media painting on canvas is 42 layers of acrylic paint, fabric and paper
  • It features the beautiful picture window at Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes where Amy and Christopher got married
  • Amy’s dress is hanging on a black iron hangar in the chapel
  •  I recreated the calligraphy from the wedding invitation of their names and made a signature ‘W’ “wind chime” hanging from the tree
  • The painting was on display on the guest book table at the couple’s reception

You can see how the painting is reflective of the Wayfarer’s Chapel where Amy and Christopher got married. Check out the photos captured by Beautiful Day Photography.  It is amazing how beautiful and detailed the artwork is, and how wonderful it captures the wedding day.

Are you ready to see how the painting turned out? Just gorgeous!

Here is a close-up. You can see the details of the signature “W” of the wind-chime hanging from the tree. Did you notice the wedding date?

Check out all the details: The colors, texture, and style is absolutely lovely.

If you want to have something very unique and personal which is beautiful, then you should definitely consider Commemory Fine Art when planning the design and decor of your wedding.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Niloufar. It was such a joy to create this piece for Amy and Christopher!

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