Custom Made Rag Dolls For Your Wedding Day

Super sweet and cute have all fallen in our laps here at BHL. We are getting all dolled up! Its all about a unique and cute idea which we thought our readers would simply love like we do. Stephanie from The Cinnamon Bears designs and creates soft cloth rag dolls which are sweet and simple. If you want something custom made, you can select the hair, skin, and eye color, as well as fabric color and pattern preferences for the doll. Typically the dolls are made for children of all ages. The material is soft and the parts are safe for young ones. What we love about this company and what Stephanie does, is that you can sponsor a doll to be sent to an orphanage. What a kind and loving effort, just wonderful.

Even though these dolls are typically made for children, they can also be made for brides and grooms. Stephanie tells us that a couple asked her to create a pair of dolls which looked like them on their wedding day. The couple provided a photo from their wedding day and the dolls were created. Super cute! The couple was very happy.

What is great about this cute doll idea for couples, is that the dolls can be a special and unique decor for your wedding day.  The dolls can be set on the sweet heart table, or guest book table, or by the cake table.  Simply adorable right? What is amazing is that you bring home the dolls from your wedding day, display it, and you will always remember the wonderful wedding day for years to come. Oh, and the best part is that you are able to custom make the dolls just for you and your groom.

doll 3

doll 1 doll 2 doll 4

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