Choosing the Right Tux or Suit for the Groom and Best Man

When thinking about appropriate wear for the groom and the best man, I think to what one of my favorite television characters, Barney Stinson, would say, “Suit Up!” which is absolutely appropriate. For most guys, this is not an activity though that involves picking the type of suit you’d wear to a wedding, so even our pal Barney would find himself in a quandary about finding the right tux or suit to wear on the big day because we’re never really shopping for that event.

First off, there’s absolutely no shame in renting something nice. This isn’t a wedding dress guys, nobody is going to ask you to get into it again one day, nor will your son or daughter ask to wear it on their wedding day many years from now. In fact, the thought is pretty absurd and worth a laugh to think about. Given that, the plan can totally be to rent something very swanky and appropriate. There are plenty of tux shops that don’t just specialize in tuxes, many have a wide catalog that fit what you’re looking for.

Second tip is to bring the boys along that will be getting in these outfits. Chances are you’ll need to get people fitted anyway so might as well just get it all done in one shot and make a day of it. Also, you’ll want to get a second opinion on what you pick out that is from your side (aka not the bride, your mom, etc) of the wedding.

A third tip is to bring the bride along for the search. If you’re like me, or really most men marrying women out there, you’ll really just want to look really sharp *and* have her be pleased with the way you look. It’ll be a good way to start off your marriage the right way to mutually consult about these decisions and make the decision together. That doesn’t mean she gets anything and everything she wants – nobody wants that, even her. Make the decision together and find something you both love.

In terms of finding the right tux or suit for the best man, assuming he’ll be there with you on your search, you’ll easily be able to kill two birds with one stone. The assumption here is that the Best Man should be the second best man at the wedding so find an outfit for him that is unquestionably sharp but an defined notch below what the groom is going to be wearing.

That’s some good advice to get you guys going, so get out there and have some fun and make sure you pick something comfortable, sharp, and stylish. Just think, the pictures you take in that outfit will be ones you’ll be looking at for the rest of your life so make sure you like what you wear!

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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