Beauty Timeline for Brides

The question has been popped (along with some champagne, hopefully)! Congratulations, now all you have left to do is plan the most spectacular party of your life! A bride has a lot to juggle for her wedding, so being organized is imperative. Your makeup look on your wedding will be photographed constantly, so you want to make sure it works for you. This timeline will help you be prepared for all your makeup needs for the big day.

Six Months To Go

This is when you should be deciding on your wedding’s theme. Depending on your theme, look into what makeup looks fall into that category and what would work for you. If you are a bride who is organizing a classic wedding, consider red lips and full lashes. For more modern weddings, you have more room to play with colors like fuchsia or orange. Also consider your wedding colors when planning what style you will be going for. You may love a peachy tones, but it may clash with your surrounding colors. Aim for a color palette that will work cohesively with your wedding color palette. It may be handy to save looks that you like or find flattering and compare them to your wedding theme. If you’re having trouble finding colors and looks that work, ask your bridesmaids to help.  You may love doing big blue eyeliner when you go to parties, but it may clash with a classic romantic style wedding.

You don’t want to end up with too many color options. It’s good to narrow it down to a core family of colors early on.

Three Months To Go

With your theme in mind, it is time to shop for makeup artists. Beauty advisers at department stores are more often than not freelance makeup artists, and they are a great resource for trying colors and products out. You can go to a counter of a brand you like and talk to someone there, or if you are a little more lost you can try a counter like Impulse at Macy’s or MAC. Impulse at Macy’s carries many different brands, and MAC has a very wide range of products geared towards creating many different looks. Find a beauty adviser that you find friendly and explain your theme to them. It is free and perfectly fine to ask what kind of look they can create for you. You should not feel pressured to buy anything or give them a definitive answer at the time. This is more for you to see what works for you and get acquainted with make up artists. Talk to a few different people and see who you click most with. From there you can take business cards and decide who you want to work with. It can be handy to take a bridesmaid with you who can take pictures of any makeup tests you do.

One Month To Go

With only one month left, it is important that you settle on a makeup artist. You should discuss and confirm the date, time, and location of your wedding with them. With only a few short weeks left, you and your artist should have a final foundation test. If you will be doing any tanning or spray tanning, let them know so they can be adequately prepared for your wedding. During your makeup test with your artist, have a friend (preferably your maid of honor) with you to take pictures. You want to make sure you know how exactly what your makeup routine will consist of.  This can also help you plan your preparation time before your wedding.  It is also good to talk to your makeup artist about your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, or combination. This helps give them an idea of what kind of primer and products they should use for you.  The more prepared your makeup artist will be, the smoother things will run on the actual day.

One Week To Go

With a week left, you want to make sure you confirm again with your makeup artist. It’s good to follow through and keep everyone on the same page. If you will be getting a manicure or pedicure, you should confirm that you have appointments secured. You should also start skipping any oily food or carbonated drinks. Use this last week as a cleansing week so that your skin will be as refreshed as possible. If you do facials, it’s best to do one within the last week so your skin won’t be red or irritated on your wedding day. If you’ve never done a facial, this is not the time to try it out. Opt for a mud masque instead- there’s far less risk of possible irritation. I like the Queen Helene line ($4-$6, drugstores) for at home masques. They are easy to apply and make my skin quite soft.

One Day To Go

The day before your wedding, keep your makeup to a minimum. Keep your skin as clean as possible and make sure to wear sunscreen. Consider it keeping your canvas clear. That eliminates any chance of build up or leftover product on your big day. The day before the wedding is your opportunity to take care of any skin cleansing you may need to do, such as pore unclogging. I like the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($6-$7, drugstores) for clearing out pores. If you have any stray hairs, this is your last chance to pluck them. Any redness will be gone by the next day, and you won’t have to worry about it on the day of your wedding. The night before your wedding, consider putting vitamin E oil or lip conditioner on before going to sleep. Carmex ($2-$4, drugstores) is excellent at moisturizing lips and is quite easy to find. If you lather it on, your lips will be pillow soft in the morning and perfect for your first kiss as a married woman.


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