Balboa Pier Engagement Session from David Marano Photography

This California girl is totally in love with this engagement session from David Marano Photography. Growing up in Southern Orange County, California, I spent many summer days at the various beaches, and Balboa Pier was one of my favorite spots. So when I saw the images pop on my computer screen, I soon recognized the scenes, and was instantly hooked. I knew  I would fall in love with this session.  Image after image, and it was so hard to choose which images to feature. Smiling as I chose, I ended up choosing most of the images! Yes, this is a session you will not want to miss. Your Monday is about to get better.  Go ahead, and take a look at the gorgeous photos of this adorable couple in the most beautiful setting.




















From David Marano Photography

I was lucky enough to photograph Jennifer and Aaron for their engagement shoot, I couldn’t ask for a more accommodating couple to work with. We had our date scheduled and location decided at the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach about a month out, and a week before the engagement session Southern California was actually expecting rain. Unfortunately, Aaron is very limited with time since he travels a lot for work so rescheduling was not going to be easy. I asked Jen, if they’d be willing to do the engagement shoot in the rain? She absolutely agreed with my ridiculous but brilliant idea. I gladly started my research, searching through endless amounts of images on Tumblr and Pinterest for rainy day photos. With a shot list scribbled in my journal and excitement in my bones of the unknown (since I had never photographed a couple in the rain), things were looking good. Rain had hit the day before, rain that came down strong and unyielding. Not drizzle. Rain. I awoke the next day, immediately getting out of bed and awkwardly walking straight outside to scrutinize the sky. No rain, just sun, scattered clouds, and wind. Hmmm. I ruminated for a bit; Forecast says rain all day? It will come. Oh well, if not. Shoots not till 5pm anyways. It will come, I know it. As expected in Southern California, when a storm is expected to deliver it typically does not. Regardless, the session must go on rain or shine.  If it were any other engagement session, I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Clouds above creating soft light, and a cool ocean breeze. After the shoot, I had completely forgot about the rain. Too excited over the images we had just got. We said our good byes, and sitting in my car peering through my windshield, the spots begin to collect. All of the sudden-cats and dogs.
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