Backyard Bride

I love when brides choose a backyard for their wedding venue. I think it brings a very personal touch to the wedding, and the bride feels at home. Why not be in a space that makes you feel comfortable on one of the most important days of your life?

Here are 5 reasons why I love backyard weddings:

  1. Budget friendly! Why not save a few bucks and still be able to have a fabulous wedding? I think if you got the space, use it!
  2. It creates a intimate setting. I am really not as touched by the over the top, blinged out weddings. Dont get me wrong, I do like a little bling, however I feel that the true essence of marriage is somewhat lost within all that glamour.
  3. Natural decor. Trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass can create a beautiful scene.
  4. Familiarity. The bride is comfortable in her own space.  She can get ready with ease in her room and bathroom.  She has everything she needs at her fingertips, and if not, she will know where to get it!
  5. No limits! The wedding can start and end when you like! ( Of course you want to give a heads up to the neighbors if you plan on going really late). The space can be used anyway you like, and things can be added or taken out. There is more flexibility.

Check one of my favorite brides, Shaadee, who chose her parent’s backyard as her venue. From even the photos, you can feel the love and happiness this couple shared with their guests on their wedding day.

I love the bride’s whole look! From the beautiful flower headpiece, the gorgeous hair, the stunning dress, and the garden look bouquet. It all comes together just perfectly!

Closer look at the hairpiece. just beautiful!

Look at this amazing ceremony space. The tree with red flowers sets the perfect backdrop. Simply beautiful!

Loving the reception space! Family style table setting. How perfect for a backyard wedding!

Dessert anyone? Instead of a traditional cake, the couple had an amazing dessert table! You see the donuts? Its the bride’s favorite treat! I love how it was incorporated into the wedding! Who says you cant have donuts on your wedding day?

Congrats to Nima and Shaadee for going Bridal backyard for their wedding day!! Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple.

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