Wedding Store 24 Bridal Expo at Sofitel Beverly Hills Recap

I recently had the privilege of attending another Wedding Store 24 bridal expo at the Sofitel Beverly Hills.  Like other events hosted by Wedding Store 24, this event was a delight and a wonderful sensory experience.  Upon entering the venue, I was greeted with the lovely sounds of live Indian music and beautiful dancers.

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

After registration I headed over to the “food room” where four vendors each set up a delicious and decadent display.  Here, I found an elaborate assortment of traditional Indian cuisine that was simply delicious. My favorite dishes were the delightful chicken masala and jasmine rice.   Another vendor set up a colorful table of very tempting looking deserts.  It was hard to limit myself to only a select few!

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Next I traveled into the vendor ballroom which was beautifully draped in sheer linens interspersed with glimmering bead strands.  The room looked great and with the help of upbeat dance music,  it created an overall fun and energetic environment.  I wandered the various vendor tables and talked with some great people.  Among them was a yummy baklava bakery, an events design company who designed a gorgeous display and a few venue representatives. It was great to see all the detail that goes into putting on a spectacular wedding event.  Not being from the Indian tradition myself, I am fascinated by the mixture of modern tastes with traditional customs.

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Toward the end of the event,  guests were treated to a meet & greet with celebrity wedding planner David Tutera.  The long line to chat with the celeb planner did not deter the brides who all seemed excited to get there moment to talk weddings.  Following the meet & greet were two fashion shows with beautiful designs for both men and women.  The models’ energy was contagious.  The audience cheered while they pranced down the runway in some breathtaking designs.  The ladies were dressed in vibrant shades of pink, red, gold and white decorated with shimmering stones. It was gorgeous!

As always, this Wedding Store 24 event was really fun and fabulous.  Brides were treated to delicious food and awesome entertainment, all while getting great ideas for their weddings.  We can’t wait for more events at more fabulous venues!  Of course, Bridal Hot List will keep you up to date on all that’s new and hot in the wedding world!

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

Sofitel Expo

10 Helpful Honeymoon Packing Tips

The wedding is over and now it’s time to bask in the warmth of newlywed bliss.  It’s honeymoon time! The last thing you want on your honeymoon is to worry if you packed adequately for the trip.  Just like planning a wedding, getting ready for the honeymoon will ensure you are prepared and leave you stress free.  It’s important to start packing early and research your destination well before hand in case you need to buy any additional items.  We’ve compiled 10 useful tips to help make packing for your honeymoon a breeze!

1. Check the weather.  Research your destination to get a sense of the weather during the season of your visit.  This way you will not be caught off guard by the variances in your destination’s weather

2. Expect the unexpected.  The thing about traveling is that you can never be certain of what to expect when you get there.  That is why it’s important to pack at least one out of season outfit.  If you go to a tropical place pack a warmer outfit just to be safe, etc.

3. Chargers!  Do not forget your chargers.  Whether they be camera, computer or phone chargers make sure you pack the right chargers.  You will want to capture every special moment exploring a new place with your husband, so pack those chargers.

4. Check in with your family.  Before you leave, send your family members the itinerary for your trip.  This ensures they know where you will be should any unforeseen incidents occur.  This will ease the worries of loved ones while ensuring your safety as well.

5. Medicine cabinet. You don’t know how your body is going to react when you visit a new place so it’s nice to have some basic medications on hand.  Travel size aspirin and allergy medication. Tums and Eye drops are a great start to a basic medicine travel kit.  Feel free to add other medicines, depending upon your location and the activities you have planned.

6. Get organized.  A few days before the wedding gather all the necessary paperwork, tickets, identification, and money you need for the trip.  Pack it into your honeymoon suitcase so you guarantee you won’t forget anything.

7. The great outdoors.  Pack the clothes you will need for any outdoor activities.  That could be hiking, biking or even just laying by the pool.  Don’t forget your running shoes! Not only are they practical but they are so comfy!

8. Toiletries. Designate one of your carry ons for toiletries.  Must haves: toothbrush, hairbrush, sunscreen, toothpaste, lotion, tampons, hair products and razor. Try to buy travel size when you can and pack well because you don’t want to be left searching for a store.

9. Contraception.  This is important if pregnancy is not on your immediate to do list.  Assure your prescriptions are filled and the proper contraception bought ahead of time.

10. Store the bling.  Bring something to store your rings in when you have to take them off.  For example, you might not want to wear your ring while snorkeling or doing any sort of strenuous activity.  Bring something you use to hide your ring inside your suitcase or hotel safe.

Happy Honeymooning!

Five Bridal Lingerie Must Haves

The wedding is over and now it’s time for the fun part, the Wedding Night! You’ve just spent weeks stressing over the perfect dress, venue, guest list and everything in between… shopping for your bridal lingerie should be fun!  Before you set out shopping, we’ve brought you five bridal must haves when it comes to lingerie.

1. The first step to any lingerie outfit is a sexy, silky robe.  Have some fun with the color and length but silk or satin is a must!  This is the perfect opportunity for a Victoria’s Secret white satin robe with BRIDE in rhinestones across the back. Cute!

DL 8

DL 6

2. Another must before your wedding day is to find the perfect garter.  Your garter may serve as your ‘something new’ or ‘something blue’ if you so desire.  The garter can also be personalized with your new/old initials or can be made with fabric from a your mothers wedding dress.

3. For a sexy, classic look pair a  two piece lace set with the right garter and stockings.  You will be a definite knock out! A quick trip to Victoria’s Secret and you’ll definitely find the perfect lace set.


4. Looking for something that will stop him in his tracks?  Might we suggest translucent lingerie?  It’s sexy, it’s see through, it’s perfect! Here is your opportunity to play with color by choosing something that compliments your skin tone.  The great thing about sheer lingerie is that it’s there but it’s not there… and it will drive him wild!

DL 2

5. Finally, for those who are looking for something sweet and cute,  the baby doll set a perfect fit.  Pair it with a lace thong or sheer panties for an added surprise he’s sure to love.

DL 7

DL 1

What is important is that you feel comfortable and sexy in whatever bridal lingerie you choose.  It’s the most special of nights and it belongs to you, so be yourself.

DL 3

Five Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

The wedding is over!  That means it’s time for some well deserved rest and relaxation… it’s time for the honeymoon!   No matter what time of year your wedding there is a honeymoon location perfect for you.  Maybe that’s a snorkeling in clear waters, taking in the rich history of a city or visiting the happiest place on Earth.  Here are 5 of the most romantic honeymoon destinations from BHL to you.

The Maldives

Couples are flocking to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean where the crystal blue waters and private resorts make for a true honeymoon heaven.  There are numerous resorts to choose from on the Maldives archipelago, most of which offer private bungalows suspended right over the water!  After a relaxing couples massage you may want to jump right into the warm water from your room’s private deck.  The resorts at this destination are truly luxurious and surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Paris, the city of lights,  is undeniably one of the most romantic cities in the world.  Imagine a sunset cruise on the river Seine as you watch sparkling lights bring the Eiffel tower to life.  The sights and sounds of the city will dazzle you as you are immersed in the rich history of France.  There are so many parks, museums and monuments that you will never run out of things to see.  And who can forget that Paris is know as one of the top culinary destinations in the world! Paris is a wonderful place to celebrate your marriage as all of the sights will definitely make your honeymoon special.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the ultimate honeymoon destination for any Disney couple.  The resort boasts 4 parks for you to enjoy and explore as man and wife.  No matter where you stay you will be immersed in the Disney culture that has become world renowned.  Here fairy tales are expected so what better place to celebrate your union?  Walt Disney World resorts offer a wide array of honeymoon accommodations and packages, including parks tickets and Bahamas cruises.


Consistently topping best honeymoon destination lists, Italy is a spectacular place to visit as husband and wife.  The best way to capitalize on your Italian adventure is the take a tour of the most romantic cities in the country.   Begin your trip in Venice by being serenaded on a romantic gondola ride through the canals.  Next, hop over to Florence  where you can enjoy delicious meals and take in the grandeur of the architecture.   Finally,  finish the trip in Rome with a visit to the Coliseum and Vatican City. It will be the trip of a lifetime!

Vail Colorado

Of course, we can’t forget the winter wedding honeymoon spots.  Vail is a beautiful winter town nestled in the mountains of Colorado.  A true winter wonderland, Vail offers luxury ski resorts and lodges for active couples.  Spend the day on the slopes skiing, snowboarding or even hiking on the picturesque mountaintops.  At the end of the day curl up together in front of the fire and toast to a long and happy life together.


Five Tips For Throwing and Engagement Party

Engagement parties are a fun way to celebrate and share the news with all of your family and friends.  Whether the party is extravagant or small and intimate, here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction.


There are lots of fun places to have the party.  Decide whether you want a large or intimate event before you pick the location.  A backyard or yacht is a great place for an intimate gathering. You can go big in a ballroom or estate. Either way, first consider the size and grandeur of your wedding.  The engagement party shouldn’t upstage the wedding, but instead should compliment it.

Who to Invite

According to ancient engagement party etiquette, you are only supposed to invite guests who are also invited to your wedding.  However, if you are having a small wedding you might want to invite more friends to the engagement party who won’t be attending the wedding.  This is also an opportunity for your parents to invite friends they may want to share in the celebration.

When to Have It

Engagement parties generally happen within three months of the proposal.  They are generally thrown by the bride’s family but a friend or member of the bridal party may throw one as well.  If you are planning a long engagement then plan your party no less than nine months before the wedding.

What to Serve

Don’t feel as though you have to serve an extravagant meal at your engagement party.  The food you serve is a great opportunity to showcase who you are as a couple. Choose the food that reflects both of your favorite foods for the appetizers and desserts.  This is a fun way to give an overview of the couple and what similarities or differences attract you to each other.


Gifts are not usually expected at an engagement party,  however if there are people coming who know they will not be able to make the wedding, then gifts are a definite possibility.  You can create a registry just in case someone asks your parents what to get you.  It doesn’t have to be the large wedding registry but just something small for the gifts you may receive.

Engagement Announcement

Five Ways to Share An Engagement

You’re engaged!  Congratulations and now it’s time to share the news with family and friends.  Instead of the traditional phone call, why not take this opportunity to be creative and have a little fun.  That’s what we’re here for!  Check out these five fun ways to announce your engagement.

Engagement Announcement

Family First.   This one is for the guys.  If family is of the utmost importance to you as a couple,  then why not include them in the engagement process?   Invite them to join in the moment when you ask the woman you love to become your wife.  It’s a great opportunity to surprise and show her how much you love her.

Create a Page.  The new thing for modern couples is to create your own wedding website.  There are various sites that allow you to create a couple profile and keep your guests informed on important dates.  This way your friends can track  your journey to “I do”.

A Trip to the Movies.  For you movie buffs, now is your opportunity to recreate your favorite movie poster.  Photoshop is a wonderful thing.  You can even take it a step further and recreate your favorite romantic scene from a movie to play for a group of friends.

Game Night. Get your family together for a game night.  Choose something like Pictionary or Charades that will keep your friends guessing as you act out “We’re Engaged”.  Prepare for screaming, cheering, crying and a whole lot of love.

A Personal Touch.  Announcing to the world may not be quite your style and we have the perfect solution! Take the person or people you want to tell out for Starbucks, offer to buy the drinks why he/she saves a table.  Ask the barista to write “I’m Engaged” or “I said Yes” on the cup instead of a name.  This is how I was asked to be my friend’s maid of honor, and what a surprise it was!

No matter the way you reveal your engagement it will be a time of celebration and love.  Take advantage of this special time to share the love you’ve found with family and friends in ways you will remember for years to come.

Engagement Announcement

Five Tips for an Unforgettable Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

This December I finally tested my maid of honor skills when my cousin asked me to help her plan a day of wedding dress shopping.  At first I was unsure of my outing planning abilities but I have seen enough ‘Say Yes to the Dress‘  episodes, to have a general idea of how to proceed.  I wanted to make it a special day dedicated specifically to her and one she would not soon forget. For those of you family and friends of future brides, here are a few tips for creating an unforgettable wedding dress shopping experience.

THE INVITATION.  The first thing I did was create a list of people my bride wanted to attend.  Remember, a bigger party means more opinions and that might not serve the bride well come decision making time.  Gather the list and create a cute Evite just to make sure everybody knows where and when to meet.  You can meet at a relatives house, restaurant or at the dress shop.

CAN’T FORGET THE TREATS. Take a little time to think about your bride.  What is her favorite treat? What might enhance her mood in case she is feeling stressed out? I know my bride is obsessed with cupcakes so naturally I bought black and white cupcakes to be reminiscent of gown and tux colors.  Setting up a little snack table will help create a cocktail like atmosphere where the group can talk and feel at ease.

POP CHAMPAGNE.  Check with the dress shop beforehand and they might just let you bring your own champagne to pop once you’ve found the dress.  You can make a little toast amid cheers and happy tears.  In our case, I bought pink champagne and toasted the bride before we set out.  It was a great opportunity for a “pep talk” if you will.

FAMILY IS KEY.  Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate schedules and save dates, and that is understandable. There is nothing like having the people you love most around you for the big moments in life.  Fly a mother, sister or bridesmaid in from out of state to share this memory.  As years pass some details might be lost but the bride will always remember those who were there for her.

NEVER ENOUGH PHOTOS.  Take pictures.  There’s not much to that one is there?  Designate one person to be in charge of photos for the day.  That way when the bride begins to stress about her dress in the coming months, you can show her the photos from the day.  She will be distracted by the memories and be at peace for a few precious moments.

We had an amazing time shopping for my cousin’s dress.  It was a great surprise and a way for me to show her how excited I am for her.  We ate, drank, cried, laughed and created lasting memories which is what every bride wants from her wedding journey.  And just in case you are curious… she found her dress!











Three Ways to be Holiday Festive

December is one of the most festive months of the year with Christmas, Hanukah and New Years’ Eve all in the span of four weeks.  It’s a busy time but it’s an exciting opportunity to have the festive holiday wedding you’ve always dreamed of! Here are a few ways you can make your winter wedding holiday festive.


 By choosing the right flowers and accents your guests will be immersed in holiday cheer.  Be sure to mix in lots of reds and greens into your arrangements for that wonderfully Christmas feel.  You can also add touches of gold or silver into bouquets and boutonnieres or blues, silver and white for an elegant Jewish affair.  However, if you want your wedding to be unmistakably Christmas themed add a beautifully decorated Christmas tree as a focal point and wrap garland over any staircases.  This will serve as a great photo opportunity for you and your guests.


Lights are a huge part of any festive event.  Rely on large amounts of candles during your ceremony.  The warm, low light of candles will not only make for a romantic ceremony, they will produce an intimate atmosphere where guests will feel they are sharing a special moment with a couple in love.  Also, what could be more festive than Christmas lights?  Dress your reception space in white twinkling lights to create your enchanted winter wonderland.  If you want some more sparkle use lots of crystals in your décor and the reflection of light off the crystals will create a snowy feel in the space.  Finally, play with projections on the walls and dance floors.  Snowflakes would be perfect projections on the dance floor and tie into the holiday theme brilliantly!


There are so many great opportunities to be festive when it comes to favors and fun activities for your guests.  First, create holiday feelings of a cozy night by the fire with friends by offering a warm beverage station with holiday treats like peppermint hot chocolate or spiked eggnog.  Next, have holiday themed favors at the tables.  Snowflake shaped frames, yummy holiday treats or even a monogrammed ornament are all great options.  Last but not least, kick up the holiday fun with a holiday photo booth!  Provide Santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf ears, a Santa beard, etc.  Your guests will have a ball taking photos and who knows, you might even see some of the pictures in future Christmas cards!

There are so many ways to be festive at your holiday wedding.  The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends in this celebration of your love.  The holidays are a time to be together with the people you love.  Have a wonderful holiday wedding season!!



Top Five Winter Wedding Tips

Winter often gets overlooked when it comes to planning a wedding.  No, it’s not the most popular season but for the winter loving couple it just might the perfect time to say “I Do”.   Having some doubts about a winter wedding?  Don’t despair my beautiful brides-to-be before setting out on your planning journey, here are BHL’s top five tips for winter nuptials.

Candlelight:  Candles are perfect during the winter.  They give that rustic and inviting feel, and when used in large numbers provide comfort in any space.  The soft glow of candles is perfect for creating a romantic and intimate ceremony atmosphere.  Continue this feeling into the reception space by using candlelight as the main source of light during dinner.  Your guests will feel relaxed and at ease in the inviting glow.

Experiment with Color: Don’t feel obligated to choose the typical holiday colors.  Surprise your guests with an unexpected accent color in the flower arrangements or reception tables.  Remember flowers that are in season are cheaper, but also be mindful of holidays.  For example,  the price of roses skyrockets around Valentine’s Day.

Photography: The winter months are notorious for unpredictable weather.  That’s why it’s so important to pick multiple areas within your venue to take your pictures.  Pick an area that is indoors in case rain prevents you from taking photos outside.  Remember, after the time change the sun goes down much earlier than in the spring and summer months.  An earlier ceremony time might be the better choice if you want your photos taken before nightfall.

Always Have a Back Up Plan:   Save yourself some wedding day stress by having a back up plan for… almost everything. Back up plans for ceremony, photography, reception, etc.  It’s not likely you’ll have to use any of these plans but it’s nice to know that you have them… just in case.

Have Fun with the Season:  The best thing about winter is that there are so many holidays!  Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and more!  Have some fun with the holidays and add seasonal details to your wedding.  Incorporate an eggnog cocktail closer to Christmas or heart accents as a nod to Valentine’s Day.  You can also create a winter wonderland by hanging crystals like icicles and plenty of greenery.

Follow these five helpful hints and winter wedding planning is not so scary after all!  Happy Planning!

Three Tips for Planning A Winter Wedding

Winter is almost here,  and we’re excited to see all the latest trends in the wedding world. For those brides who have envisioned a fairy tale wedding in a perfect winter wonderland we have three important tips when planning your special day.


Winter weather is downright freezing in some parts of the country so remember to accommodate your guests. For larger venues, turn up the heat to a comfortable level.  In smaller venues, as the party gets going it will heat up naturally. Keep it cool but don’t let your friends freeze either.  If it rains, provide umbrellas for your guests so they can go to and from cars. Also  it is a good idea to arrange for heat lamps if the party happens outdoors.  A hot beverage option is a nice touch on a cold day, so offer your guests some hot chocolate or a warm cocktail.


Winter is unpredictable by nature so it is VERY important to plan for the worst case scenario.  What will you do if it rains? Snows? Wind? Think about a back up plan for these types of situations.  Alleviate a ton of stress by prepping back up plans early that way if something changes unexpectedly you are prepared.


Quite a few holidays happen in the winter that make planning a wedding slightly more difficult.  Keep in mind that some of your guests may not be able to attend if the wedding falls to close to a holiday.  Travel also gets more expensive during the holiday season.  You might want to save your friends some money by setting a date before or after the holidays.  Also, your decor may be limited if the venue is already decorated for Christmas, so be sure to check it out!

Keep these three tips in mind as you plan your special day and you are sure to have the perfect winter wedding. Happy Planning!