An Interview with TLC Star Sam Saboura

Bridal Hot List is thrilled to have our first ever interview guest, TLC’s Sam Saboura. Day in and day out Bridal Hot List is immersed with all things wedding, and that makes us smile from cheek to cheek. Yes, we smile so much in fact, our cheeks hurt. But this week I think our smiles are going to get even bigger. We had the opportunity to interview Sam Saboura, a top stylist and fashion expert, as well as a published author and television personality. He is staring in a new show on TLC’s BrideDay lineup, “Something Borrowed, Something New”, which premieres tonight at 10/9c.  You can find out more about this show by checking out our sneak peek post. Sam took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Bridal Hot List: Welcome to Bridal Hot List, Sam! For our readers that aren’t familiar with you, could you tell me about yourself and what you do?

Sam Saboura: Thanks for having me! I work as a Stylist, Personal Shopper and TV Style Expert in LA and NY. I’ve designed my own lines for on-air shopping networks and wrote a book on dressing your body type. I’m currently living, working and shopping in LA and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of Something Borrowed Something New! The show is so much fun and TLC is the perfect home for it. I’m obsessed with weddings and all things bridal and spent hours as a kid sketching wedding dresses, so working on this show is a huge treat for me and working with brides is second nature for me.

Bridal Hot List: Sam, you’re a top fashion stylist now but we all got our start somewhere. Where did you start and how did you get into fashion?

Sam Saboura: Since I was very young, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love and an eye for fashion and style. I expressed that by working with others like friends and family, helping them get dressed for special events or bossing them around about what they should and should not be wearing…LOL. I started working in retail at a young age and I loved that I got the chance to work with so many people and help them with their style.

When I moved to LA, I started working at Fred Segal on Melrose. It was a very special place back then and major stars from around the globe would pass thru on a daily basis. I learned about high fashion there and really cut my teeth style wise. I was basically playing dress up with the biggest celebrities in the world.  You name them I worked with them, it was an incredible time and a huge learning experience. I became the personal shopper there, had a who’s who clientele, and eventually moved on to freelance styling and then TV. It was a whirlwind seven years there and some of the best times of my life!

Bridal Hot List: We’ve heard time and again that highly successful people say that their success comes from having a passion for what they do. For you, where does your motivation come from? At what points in your career did it help fuel you to stick with it and find eventual success?

Sam Saboura: This is a great question. I do what I do because it makes me happy and fulfills something in me. I’m a super generous person and I love to give and help. When I learned that people liked and trusted my taste it made me feel good and validated something that I loved to do anyway. It was a win win for me. I get to have my fingers in so many different pies. I get to style, be on TV, shop, help people feel better about themselves and I love what I do everyday because it’s never one static thing. I’m grateful to be able to say that, and lucky to be in this line of work.

I am a workaholic and I’m totally type A. I love to see a project or task thru to completion and I’m driven to grow, evolve and succeed. I also have a very strong business head. I think what drives me the most is being able to be creative and run my own business at the same time. It’s all about balance for me between those two different parts of my personality, but the creative side is definitely wins out more.

Bridal Hot List: Fashion is a constantly evolving form of art. How do top stylists and experts stay with what’s current and be able to move in the right direction for what’s coming next?

Sam Saboura: I think it’s really about knowing your client and making sure you don’t get too comfortable. You have to keep it fresh for yourself and stay challenged in your work and your pulls. You have to also try and evolve your client’s look and style, even if only a bit at a time. Fashion is always changing but people are not. Change is a wonderful thing but it’s also uncomfortable for most people. So you have to know when to really push your opinion and when to simple lead the horse to water, so to speak.

I get very excited when I see new collections, colors, shapes and trends that are unexpected and fresh, so I always try and introduce something new every time I work with a regular client. I also like work with assistants that have different tastes and ideas than I do. It keeps my eyes open and keeps my work fresh and constantly challenged.

Bridal Hot List: When you are styling a subject, what details do you focus on the most, and why?

Sam Saboura: Fit, proportion and comfort. These are the things that make someone shine in their best light. The fit and tailoring need to be exceptional. The proportions need to be balanced because this can completely change the way your body is perceived visually, and the client has to be comfortable and look like the best version of themselves no matter what they are wearing. You can always tell when someone is comfortable in their look and something always seems to be off when they’re not. These three things have to be in place and the rest are just details—and good taste.

Bridal Hot List: We’ve learned that you are going to be starring on a new show on TLC called “Something Borrowed, Something New”. For viewers, what will be the most exciting and fresh elements they should tune in to see?

Sam Saboura: This is show is fun for so many reasons, but one of the best parts for us is that we never know what the bride is going to chose! You get all the fun wedding dress shopping plus the interest of seeing an old dress evolve into something fresh and modern. It’s also kind of fun to guess and see what the bride will chose so there’s a play along element to the show. It’s short and sweet and full of emotion. We so many great brides and families and they have tons of personality. Also, all the budgets are real and very normal. We are not working with $6000 dresses here so tons of brides will relate and be inspired! I keep telling my friends it’s like a really delicious midnight snack, a totally satisfying, 30 min, guilty pleasure.

Bridal Hot List: For a fashion trendsetter like yourself, what kind of opportunity does starring in a TLC show represent?

Sam Saboura: TLC is every bride’s destination channel and they have really done a wonderful job opening the doors to the wedding world and letting everyone in to just fall in love and have fun. I think I’ve seen every episode of Say Yes To The Dress about ten times each and it never get’s old. I’m thrilled to be back on the network and playing in a world I love completely. Weddings are my thing, they have always been special to me, and it makes me so happy to help all these awesome ladies get ready for their special day!

Bridal Hot List: By the end of your first season of the show, what goals are you hoping to accomplish?

Sam Saboura: My head is already ready for Season 2 and all the things I want to do to make the show even bigger and better. I want the show to resonate and inspire future brides. I would love to work on my own bridal line. That would be full circle for me since it harkens back to my childhood. That would be a great accomplishment and something I’d be really passionate about.

Bridal Hot List:  Certainly, every bride is different, but what are some best practices you can give brides-to-be when they are shopping for that special dress?

Sam Saboura:

  • Have an open mind and be open to the right dress. The right dress may not be the dress you thought you would wear. Don’t put yourself in a box.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you may not find your dream dress on the first shopping trip. Sometimes the dress finds you when the time is right and it may happen when you least expect it.
  • Most of the time the cliché is totally true, you know when you know. Trust your gut and chose the dress that speaks to you, one most likely will.
  • Trust your salesperson. They work with these dresses all day long and chances are they have seen them on many different body types. If you don’t have an expert, find one at a bridal salon you love. They can make your dress shopping smooth and enjoyable.
  • Listen to your entourage, but at the end of the day listen to yourself. It’s your wedding and your dress so ultimately you should be the one choosing.
  • Stay on budget! The kiss of death is trying a dress that way outside your budget. If you can’t manage the price that’s on the tag without stressing your budget, that’s not the dress for you—no matter how gorgeous.
  • Narrow it down. Trying on dresses that are not in line with your body type can be incredibly frustrating—like trying on a million pairs of jeans. Know your body and styles that work best for it before you start shopping and use that as a jumping off point when shopping.
  • Always try one that one dress that is the opposite of what you think you want. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result.
  • Try a veil! Trust me on this one, NOTHING can seal the deal on a dress when you’re on the fence like the addition of a veil.  It’s like magic and when a bride truly sees herself as a bride.
  • When in doubt, sleep on it! Getting some perspective and time away from a dress will always help you make the right choice.

Bridal Hot List: What are some of the best tips you can give fashion conscious brides aiming to not just look their best, but wow their guests?

Sam Saboura: If you’re a bride who loves fashion and loves to take risks I say go for it. I do think there should be somewhat of a timeless element to your dress because these pictures do last a lifetime and you don’t want to look back and be too trendy or of the moment, but this is your time to shine, your red carpet moment! I think statement accessories are always the key and what set you apart from every other bride. They can be the best way for a bride to inexpensively personalize her look and express her sense of style.

Even the most spectacular dress can be taken to the next level with the right accessories, so spend some time and research your options. There are so many wonderful sites online that can inspire a forward thinking bride. Accessories are the icing on the wedding cake and can transform average into amazing with just a little bit of effort.

Bridal Hot List: What do you think are some of the biggest fashion mistakes you see brides make? Do you see any common No-Nos that make you roll your eyes?

Sam Saboura: I think they need to trust their gut and chose a dress that speaks to them and that they love. Listening to family and friends’ input is wonderful but the choice should always be the brides and her’s alone. They should also  be 100% open to something totally outside their vision and comfort zone. Some of the best moments on the show are when a bride tries on a dress that they thought they didn’t want or would never pick. More often than not that’s what they ended up choosing. Have a plan but don’t follow it too closely or you may miss the perfect dress.

Bridal Hot List: There are a lot of TLC fans excited for the new show, what message would you like to give them as “Something Borrowed, Something New” premieres?

Sam Saboura: I hope the fans love what they see and embrace the show! We had lots of fun making it and the whole crew felt like were all working on something really special. Hopefully that comes across. Oh, and make sure you have some tissues on hand too…


Bridal Hot List would like to extend our gratitude to Sam and the TLC staff that helped make this interview possible.

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