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Top Six Makeup Looks for Thanksgiving

Are you ready to celebrate the holiday that is all about giving thanks? We know we are! We do not know what we are most excited about; the delicious and yummy dishes, the apple and pumpkin pies, a day off,  football, or just being with people we love and care about?  Answer? All of the above. Yep, we love this time of year so much. To get us ready for Thanksgiving, we have asked our friends and makeup experts at Blushington  to share the top Makeup looks for the holidays. Since it is such a special time of year, we we love to share what is trending most right now in the Makeup world. Thank you to Blushington for keeping us up date with the latest!

Which look is you? Comment below and tell us, we love to hear from you!

Pure & Simple: The “no makeup” natural look. Fresh, clean and light. This is the ultimate less is more look.


Simply Glowing: This is that “I just got back from the best vacation of my life” kind of glow. You’ll look and feel stunning. In that beach sexy kind of way.

Simply Glowing

Life of the Party:  That’s right, girl. You know who you are! Get out there and dance! This look is sexy but fun – just like the night ahead of you.

Life of The Party

Lucky Stars: Reminiscent of the glamorous Hollywood icons of the 50’s. Sophisticated and stunning. Heads will turn when you enter a room, so dress accordingly.

Lucky Stars

Smoke & Mirrors: Whoa. Who is that? Defined cheekbones and smokey eyes create that “She must be a model…” look. We suggest pairing this with high heels and a little attitude. Why not? A girl should have a little fun, right?

Smoke & Mirrors

Cutting Edge:  The name says it all. Looks like you just stepped off the runway. So flash a cheeky smile, and bat those lashes. Tonight could be a late one.

Cutting Edge

Blushington: Makeup and Beauty Lounge for Weddings

It is days like this that makes me love my job more and more everyday. Not only do I have the chance to view stylish and beautiful wedding details daily, but meeting the talent behind what makes brides and their weddings super pretty is the cherry on top. Recently I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of Blushington, a  lovely make-up and beauty lounge found in the heart of Fashion Island. This make up lounge is nestled between some of the most fashionable and stylish shops. Fashion Island is a gorgeous and popular shopping mall located in Newport Beach, California. It is an amazing place to shop, and with the addition of Blushington , this fabulous mall just got better!

Want to feel like a million bucks? This girl does! When I stepped into this super cute and chic make up lounge, I was instantly relaxed and pampered.  The staff is not only talented in their make up art, but they create an experience totally memorable. Do not know what look you are going for? Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or any girl of the bridal party, there is a look perfect for you.  Don’t worry, they make things easy with their make up look book, which gives you some great ideas. Whether you want to look glitz and glam, or simple and casual, they can make it happen! Ready to get all dolled up? Make sure to pay a visit to this gorgeous lounge where you will leave feeling amazing!


Blushington Fashion Island Exterior

Blushington Fashion Island Interior 2

Blushington Action 3

Blushington Fashion Island Back Room

Blushington Action 2

About Blushington 

Blushington makeup and beauty lounge provides professional makeup applications at affordable prices for your special day. We offer our services on-location starting at $100 and encourage setting up a trial in-store prior to the wedding to talk through your makeup preferences. We can also add faux lashes and airbrush foundation for a flawless finish. All of our artists are trained the ‘Blushington’ way to ensure that you look your best! After all, feeling pretty is priceless!

Seven Questions to Ask your Wedding Makeup Artist

The process of actually getting and booking your makeup artist is a bigger task than you may realize, but we got you covered. Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices to the artist of your dreams, both of you need to be prepared. Here’s a few things that you’re going to want to go over during your test runs.

“How long will you be around?”

You need to agree on how much time your artist will be committing to you. If you feel that you may need extra touch ups between the ceremony and the reception, it is essential to communicate this to your artist. Your artist may even suggest staying later to assist in touch ups during photo opportunities, or changing your look before the reception. Be sure to factor this in with your pricing as well.

“How long will you need to set up and apply my look?”

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the clock during your trial run for this. Your artist will need at least a few minutes to unpack all their supplies and find the best light to work with. Factor this in with all of your planning! Your wedding day will be a hectic one and it pays to plan ahead. Have someone there to let your makeup artist set up and get ready for you so your time isn’t wasted waiting around.

“Will you be available for my bridesmaids?”

If your bridesmaids want to get their makeup done as well, you want to make sure your artist is up for it and prepared. Some artists will charge purely on hourly, and some will charge based on the amount of product/work put into a look. They may only be comfortable doing makeup on one person, so keep that in mind.

“Do you suggest any skin treatments before the wedding?”

Many artists that I know recommend that a bride go bare-faced the day before their wedding (save for sunscreen, of course). This prevents any build up of product, and leaves your face extra clear for your wedding look. Some may also suggest doing a peel or an exfoliating treatment prior to your wedding. Pick your artist’s brain for any suggestions to ensure your newlywed glow.

“What products will you be using on me?”

It’s good to have an idea of what you’re wearing and how your skin takes it. If you have more sensitive skin, stick to hypoallergenic brands or brands that are more organic. You should be clear if you have any allergies or known skin sensitivities. If you’re not sure about a product,  you may want to pick it up and test it for a few days at your leisure. Also, if you’ll be wearing false eyelashes you may want to pick up some more heavy duty makeup remover. Lash glue is not fun to take off.

“Will my lips stay on through dinner?”

Your artist is going to be honest with you. If your lips look amazing in photos but slide right off after your first sip of champagne, this is something you need to know. When you have the perfect lip shade for the big day, you are going to want to keep an eye out for touch ups. This shouldn’t make you feel pressured to change your perfect shade in favor of one that won’t budge. It’s your day, wear what you love and what makes you feel good, even if it’s more high maintenance. If your artist sticks around through the ceremony and reception, have them keep this as one of their top priorities. If they are relieved of their duties more quickly, stash your touch up products with a bridesmaid. Ask one of your girls to be dedicated to keeping you look fabulous all night long.

“Do I need to bring anything?”

If you wear a special foundation that is hard to find or even discontinued, your artist may need that to work with. Your artist may even ask that you pick out the false lashes that you wear for the big day and bring those along. Most freelancers are fairly prepared and have a well-equipt makeup kit, but there’s a chance they may need your help too.


Five Tips for Finding Your Wedding Makeup Artist

Wedding planning is a major task- it’s completely fine to feel overwhelmed at times. One major task for brides is finding your makeup artist. This may be daunting, but by following these tips and tricks you’ll be able to find the perfect artist for your wedding.

Look Through What You Like

If you have a favorite makeup brand, start there. Most makeup counters employ makeup artists, and they will be very familiar with your favorite brand. Even if you don’t find anyone who freelances there, chances are they will be able to direct you to someone who does.  Major makeup brands typically have pro teams who specialize in events and can also freelance.  Asking for cards is an easy way to start networking with freelancers.

Asking Around, Of Course!

Your bridal party can be an excellent resource for finding your makeup artist. There’s always a chance they have a sister or cousin you didn’t know about who is a cosmetics queen. You’ll still want to see a portfolio or do a test run, through. Do remember that just because they’re a friend doesn’t mean it has to work out. Don’t ever feel pressured to say yes to someone based on your relationship with them.

Ask the Experts

If you have a wedding coordinator, don’t be afraid to ask them! Since you will be working closely with your wedding coordinator, they already know the look and feel of your wedding. This will help them suggest an artist that they trust for you. Wedding professionals also tend to have an excellent network of professionals at their disposal, so they are sure to at least set you up with potential artists.

It’s perfectly fine to try out a few different makeup artists and do a few trial runs. After all, you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. These next tips are to help you narrow down your choices and find the makeup artist of your dreams.

Ask For References

All makeup artists will have some variation of a portfolio to show potential clients.  Many makeup artists have either blogs or youtube channels that showcase their skills and work in the industry. This can be a handy way of seeing what a makeup artist is capable of and if they are indeed what you are looking for. Looking through blogs may also help you find links to other artists that they know, which can expand your search. On the flip side, you may be able to find artists by searching makeup blogs in your city.

Do a Full Day Test Run

Everyone’s skin and routine is different. If you’re caught between two or three artists, schedule a trial run of full face makeup early in the day. Take pictures immediately after they’re done, and then towards the end of the day. Take careful note of how your skin feels and how you feel in that much makeup. Keep your eyes out for any color fallout or discoloration. Be sure to test the colors and consistencies both indoors and outdoors. Over the course of a day, your skin may get oilier or redder. You want to make sure you find someone who really tailors your look to your skin so you look flawless all day.

Bridal Makeup from Pure Beauty by Danielle

When I woke up this morning and realized it was the end of July, I got sad for a moment because it meant that summer is almost over. I love the summer months, and it makes me sad to see it go.  However, my heart jumped a beat when I realized that we still have one more full month of summer left to enjoy.  Whew! My summer loving heart just got happier. Yep, I am pretty excited. What I am also excited about today is introducing a fabulous and talented makeup artist who has some serious skills. I am talking about Danielle Davison of Pure Beauty By Danielle.  When it comes to looking oh-so-gorgeous on your special day, Pure Beauty By Danielle will not disappoint. Danielle can transform an everyday look into a total bridal perfection. I mean like jaw-dropping gorgeous and beautiful. So make sure to scroll through the prettiness that Pure Beauty By Danielle brings to each and every bride.


nicole leever photography


nicole leever photography 2

Nicole Leever Photography
marsha mcneely photography
Marsha McNeely Photography
tommy von huynh
Tommy Von Huynh Photography
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Michael Dunn
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Pure Beauty specializes in professional makeup and hair services throughout Southern California. Including bridal, boudoir, commercial, special occasions, personal photo­shoots, bachelorette parties, and personal makeup lessons and classes.

 What I offer brides for that day:

 I offer a personalized one-on-one bridal consultation where I create a customized makeup and hair look that suits the brides style, personality, and brings out her Pure Beauty! For the wedding day, I come to you! I offer on location makeup and hair services that are customized to each individual and reflect the overall beauty of the wedding. Everybody in the bridal party and the bride are made to feel special, beautiful, and taken care of. In addition to that, each services includes false eyelashes. If there are flower girls in the wedding, they are included as well, with a complimentary light makeup application.

What makes me unique and stand out from other makeup artists:
I believe what makes me unique is my ability to see someones natural beauty and bring that out through a makeup application that’s not overpowering or understated but simply flawless. I have 10 years of experience and knowledge which helps me give personalized recommendations and the ability to create custom looks for all types of people. I’m incredibly passionate about what I do and I love being creative, working with people, and taking part in someone’s special day. To me it’s not just a service I’m providing but an experience that can be remembered for years to come. When a bride chooses Pure Beauty she chooses the best!

Top Five Bridal Makeup Trends

Makeup is essential for your wedding day! Your photos will turn out even more gorgeous! Whether you normally wear makeup or not, you will need to find the right look.  What look will you go for? Want to find out what the hottest makeup trends are?

We asked make-up expert, Gina Ludwig who is the director and owner of Hair Comes the Bride to tell us. Ready to find out whats hot?

  • Vintage Inspired: Vintage inspiration is everywhere!  When doing a vintage look, add modern elements so your look doesn’t end up looking like a costume. Just beautiful!
  • Fresh Face with Bright Lip: If you are going to wear a dark, deep or bright lip, make sure and keep the rest of your makeup fresh and clean. I love this look!

  • Lots of Lashes: This is what we call the Kim Kardashian look.  For a more natural look, use individual lashes, and for a more dramatic look, go for the strips. Check out these fabulous lashes!

  • Earthy Metallics: Metallic eyeshadow is hot,  but stick to earthy tones such as gold, copper and bronze for an organic yet modern look. Stunning!

  • Smokey Eyes: Smokey eyes are still the hottest makeup look right now.  Just remember to stick to deep earth tones as opposed to blacks or grays for a more timeless “bridal” appropriate look. This look is hot!

Urban Vintage NYC Wedding

My vintage loving heart is beating pretty hard right now. It is all due to this incredible New York City wedding and some of  loveliest details I have seen. This wedding is all about the details, and these details are nothing short of style, glamour, and elegance.  I have to talk about the bride’s shoes for a moment.  These shoes are what you call, bling bling. Oh my goodness, I can not stop staring at them.  They are amazing! This gorgeous couple look like movie stars on their wedding day, and I had a hard time choosing which photos to feature, so I think I shared most of them! Thanks to  Zorz Studios for capturing the true love and beauty of this couple and their wedding day. Your week is about to get it really good as we kick it off with this superb NYC vintage wedding.












































































































From Zorz Studios...

Heather and Brian worked in insurance for the same big company but never actually ran into each other in the building, partly because Brian at the time worked as an outside Rep and didn’t come into the office frequently. They met each other out at a company sponsored event, after which point became inseparable.
The bride got ready at the beautiful Wythe Hotel with amazing floor-to-ceiling windows of the Manhattan skyline, and an interior staircase leading to a private terrace. Surrounded by the toile wallpaper, and beautiful exposed beams, she was in love with the space and felt completely calm and at ease getting ready with her beautiful bridesmaids.
For the ceremony, Heather wore a gorgeous lace mermaid gown which she found at The Bridal Garden, a not-for-profit bridal boutique in New York City in which all proceeds benefit education for disadvantaged children. “It was awesome to know my purchase went to such a terrific cause! I bought it off the rack and it fit me almost perfectly!” says the bride.
Brian gifted Heather a locket with a picture inside of her mom and her. Her mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago and was physically not able to attend the wedding and this was extremely difficult for the bride.
We expected the heavy rain… Just as the skies opened and it started to pour, we arrived safe and dry inside Jane’s Carousel where I managed to capture the incredible moments and some of clients’ favorite pictures are of them outside in the rain!
The couple fell in love with The Green Building for its effortlessly beautiful interior and the vintage flair. The Green Building was previously a brass foundry and has beautiful original brick walls, exposed beam ceilings, gold chandeliers, and even a back speakeasy room equipped with vintage decor and red velvet curtains. Their vendors helped create a warm and intimate setting.
“The rabbi read our vows of why we wanted to marry each other, the touching vows Brian wrote brought me to tears and my favorite part during the ceremony was when Brian reached over to wipe my tears away,” says Heather. “I am Jewish and Brian Protestant, so we decided to fuse our backgrounds by incorporating an Irish ‘hand-fasting’ and a stomping of the glass, both beautiful traditions and incredibly sentimental.”
After the dinner, dancing, and cake we ended with a food truck by Wafels & Dinges which was a huge hit! Paying homage to the speakeasy theme, guests took home little bottles of whiskey.
Photographer: Zorz Studios
Wedding Planner: Parties N All ,LLC
Venue: The Green Building
Calligrapher: Butler’s Pantry Calligrapher
Bridal Gown Designer: Marchesa
Bridal Store: The Bridal Garden
Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux
Makeup Artist: Marlena Singh Makeup Artistry
Hair Stylist: Pravana Hair Studio
Favors: Pope Liquors
Hotel: Wythe Hotel
Flowers: Boos Floral Showcase
Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals
Wedding Cake: CMNY Cakes
Linens: For your Party
Groomsmen attire: Hugo boss
Bridesmaid Dress: Jenny Yoo Collection
Videography: Kiss the Bride Films
Officiant: Michael Ehrlich
Bridal Shoes: Miu Miu
PaperGoods: Wedding Paper Diva

South Carolina DIY Wedding

I’ve seen  some DIY weddings here at BHL, but I have never seen one as beautifully handcrafted as this one.  This bride did it all, I mean all! She designed and baked the wedding cake herself.  Seriously?   This pretty Southern affair is nothing short of lovely details, all personally put together by the bride and the family. The father of the bride made dinner for everyone! That is amazing.  This wedding is just so sweet with all the personal touches. Love it! So,  before you head out that door and start the long holiday weekend, make sure to spend some time browsing the gorgeous images from Southern Jewel Photography.











































From Southern Jewel Photography

This amazing DIY wedding will leave you in awe and wanting to hire Breana and her family to plan your wedding! From the flowers and décor put together by the bride, the amazing low country boil cooked by family, to the cake the bride made HER SELF, no detail was overlooked and it was absolutely fabulous!Meeting through online resources is quickly gaining popularity. I’m meeting more and more couples who have met through an online dating service, including myself and Charlie! Josh and Breana met through when Josh (who was taking advantage of the free services) winked at Breana, who of course, winked back. Josh’s interest was so peaked, that he decided to pay for the subscription just to message Breana. Well, I’d say it paid off!!Being in the water is something that they both enjoy. In fact, they are on their honeymoon in Hawaii right now becoming scuba driving trained! So it was only natural that while on a Caribbean cruise last fall, while snorkeling off a private island in the Bahamas, Josh proposed… UNDER WATER! Seven and a half months later, Josh and Breana tied the knot in front of the beautiful pond at Camp Buckhorn at Paris Mountain State Park under an arbor hand made by her brother’s. Their attention to detail in this DIY wedding was amazing and turned out beautiful! Congrats to Breana and Josh!!

Venue: Camp Buckhorn At Paris Mtn State Park, Greenville S.C.

Ceremony Officiant: Andy Dyer

Caterer: Bride’s Father and Matron of Honor’s Parents

Cake Baker: Bride

Music: Spotify Playlist

Florist: DIY by Bride and Family

Hair Stylist: Bridesmaids

Makeup Artist: Ashley Brashier

Bridal Gown: Melissa Sweet – David’s Bridal


Tuxedo Rental: Jessica’s Formal Wear

Vintage Tea Garden Wedding Styled Shoot

I love myself a Vintage wedding. Then there is a beautiful styled shoot like this one which is set in a garden and has all the lovely vintage details and then this vintage loving blogger is happy. I love every bit of of this vintage garden wedding. I feel like I have stepped back in time where all these gorgeous details come from.  Bee Photography, LLC and the team of fabulous vendors created an amazing setting that is perfect for that bride who loves vintage romance with a touch of elegance. Get ready to be inspired! Which detail is your favorite? Share in the comments below.









































From Bee Photography, LLC

The theme of this shoot was “Vintage Tea Garden.” I teamed up with Yasmen Katrina Events and we decided to put our heads together and make something MAGICAL. So  we choose it because we wanted to do something which reflected the old rustic vintage European countryside, but at the same time a bit different, and sparkly. Yasmen and I wanted to do the shoot outdoors, and add greenery when we saw The Bramble Tree Estates we knew it would be the perfect venue. Our inspiration was a mix of personal things; Yasmen’s favorite color: blush, and her childhood memories in the English countryside, and also we both love Marie Antoinette European feel. We would have to say we fell in love with chandelier from Vintage Chic Affairs, the chandelier florals from Arrangements, oh did we mention the fabulous settee? The dress was also one of our favorite, because it added just enough sparkle to the theme.The inspiration for the shoot centered around merging the old vintage theme with a more modern sparkle which gave the ability to merge two different feels and era’s into one beautiful, soft yet sparkly day. I chose some rustic pieces, such as the chandelier and the settee, while adding in soft, sweet pieces like the sweetheart chairs and soft blue linen. Yasmen added the glamorous gold flatware to pop on the soft vintage mismatched china to keep in mind the contrast between vintage and sparkly.We loved this shoot for many reasons: the blush and white flowers among all the greenery, both in the centerpiece and the chandelier, the look of the vintage tablescape, with the pop of glamorous gold on blue linen, and the way we were able to use an open green field and turn it into a romantic wedding space.



Photographer: Bee Photography, LLC

Venue: Bramble Tree Estate

Hair and Make up Artist: Alecia Renee Hair and Makeup Artistry

Flower Designer: Arrangements Floral Studio

Jewelry: Avalon Park Jewelers

Hair Stylist: Brand Charles Est. 1974

Bridal Shop: Casa Di Bella Bridal

Wedding Cake: Cut the Cake

Linens: Over the Top Linens

Men’s Attire: Tuxedos to You

Rentals: Vintage Chic Affairs

Event Planner: Yasmen Katrina Events

Wedding Styled Shoot at the Fairmont Newport Beach

I love my job.  Yep, its pretty hard not to complain when I get to look at pretty wedding details all day, and be inspired by brilliantly talented wedding vendors. Another part of my job that makes me smile is when I get the opportunity to be part of a styled shoot and work with some amazing talent. Today, I am proud to feature a wedding styled shoot that Perfectly Made Weddings, together with a group of fabulous vendors created for the gorgeous Fairmont Newport Beach located in Newport Beach, California.  Photographed by Elizabeth Burgi Photography, this venue styled shoot has all the elements of a classic and  modern wedding with a stylish venue as the backdrop.















The inspiration from Perfectly Made Weddings

Together with the Fairmont Newport Beach, we wanted to create a space which was simple, contemporary, and elegant  to compliment the bambú Room.  This room was transformed into a gorgeous reception space with all the modern and classic details. The amazing work of our fabulous vendors made this room really stand out on its own.  We loved working with all our vendors, and the fantastic talent they brought to the table. Of course, working with the Fairmont Newport Beach and their staff was remarkable and made this styled shoot a fun and amazing day.   Oh, and then you had the gal who made this wedding styled shoot come to life, and that is Elizabeth Burgi Photography who created  such lovely images. We are a bit obsessed over the gorgeous bridal gowns.  The floral gown looked absolutely stunning in the outdoor fountain and garden areas at the Fairmont Newport Beach. The dress is so fairytale and pretty! The reception dress is classic, stunning, and pairs up perfectly with the bambú Room.  All the elements of the styled shoot from the florals, linens, chairs, hair and makeup, gowns, and venue space came together beautifully. 
































Weddings at the Fairmont Newport Beach:

Fairmont Newport Beach is considered by many to be one of Orange County’s finest luxury hotels. From the moment you step into its gleaming lobby, you’ll be impressed with its elegant look and feel, and throughout your event here you’ll experience the high level of hospitality and service the Fairmont name is known for worldwide. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a full-scale gala, the hotel’s wedding specialist will work with your wedding coordinator to create an unforgettable event that is uniquely yours.

Choose from among several elegant event spaces. Secluded from hotel guests and protected by tall palms and ferns, the Garden Gazebo is very private and serene. After walking through an evergreen arch, you will exchange your vows under the ivory gazebo. The lovely surroundings serve as a picturesque backdrop for photography.

 A stunning venue with high ceilings, modern lighting and a sprawling bar, the bambú Room transforms into the setting for your celebration. Floor to ceiling windows line the back wall, adding depth and intrigue to this unique event space. From the moment you enter the Bay Laurel Ballroom, the stunning and sparkling chandelier sets the tone for a magical event. Guests will enjoy the grandeur feel that Fairmont is known for, from the high ceilings to the impeccable service. The enchanting Bamboo Garden features a romantic fountain and two fireplaces for guests to enjoy. String lights float above, complimenting the open evening sky.

Fairmont Newport Beach specializes in fresh California cuisine, led by Executive Five-Star Chef, Brian Doherty. Contemporary and creative dishes are presented with a bold combination of flavors that celebrate the very best of seasonal and local foods that Southern California has to offer. Executive Pastry Chef Jeffry Kahle incorporates the innovative and whimsical modern world of pastry in each hand-crafted selection.  







Venue: Fairmont Newport Beach

Photographer: Elizabeth Burgi Photography

Event Coordinator and Design: Perfectly Made Weddings

Floral Design: Studio Le Fleur 

Rentals (Ghost Chairs, Linens, Napkins, & Chargers): Baker Party Rentals

Hair and Makeup: Steele Beauty

Bridal Gowns|Designers: Enura &  Susan Neville of London | Mon Amie Bridal Salon

Hair Accessory and Earrings: Mon Amie Bridal Salon

Cheese Cake: Executive Chef Brian Doherty at Fairmont Newport Beach

Aerial Video:  Aerial Gurus

Model: Mo Ana