Top Five Ways to Pull Off Your ‘Something Old’

You’ve heard the old saying- “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. It’s a little superstition that a bride should wear one of each (old, new, borrowed, blue) to ensure a successful and happy marriage. The tradition is cute, and if you’re one of the many brides following it we’ve got some ideas for your ‘something old’.

Family Jewels

If you want to pay homage to your family as you embark on starting a new one, this is a great way to do it! Ask your mother, grandmother, sister, or whoever you’re close to if they have any jewelry you could wear for the big day. The older the better! Ask for anything that has been passed down generation to generation. It may not be a trendy or modern piece, but the meaning will make it incredibly meaningful.

Vintage Veils

Check out old antique stores for vintage silk and lace for your veil. Veils in and of themselves are also a superstition, so it’s nice to pair the two up. Using vintage lace or silk makes the whole piece that much more romantic and detailed. The more delicate, the more graceful and poised you will look. You can try asking around to borrow one from someone else for real authenticity.

Love Letters

Remember when Mr. Big wrote Carrie all those love letters to win her back? Yeah, we love that kind of stuff. If you’re writing in your vows, you can opt to saying your ‘something old’ rather than carry it around. Look up old love letters from great writers for guidance in your vows! Or, if you or your partner happen to be romantics, you can use lines from your own old love letters. It adds an extra creative layer to your vows, plus it’ll become that much more intimate.

Classic Spray

Look for the most vintage, beautiful bottle of perfume you can and have at it! Think about scents that you remember from your first date or the first time you kissed. Maybe you have a favorite scent that’s been around forever- that works too! The sense of smell triggers the most memories, might as well make them good ones!

Family Cookbook

Before you lock in everything with the caterers, consider dusting off a few family recipes from both of your families. By paying homage to your family’s recipes, you’re letting everyone take part in traditions and sharing them with your friends and family. If you pass off some favorite recipes to your caterer, they may even be able to do it for you!


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Andrea Carter

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