10 Ways To Make Sure This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Wedding

It’s 2013. We’ve left behind cookie cutter themes and are seeing more and more individualism and creativity in today’s weddings. It’s safe to say that tradition is out, and we love it! The recession may have something to do with the surge of creativity – forcing couples to become more thrifty with their smaller budgets. The Internet also certainly plays a huge role by delivering so much inspiration to our fingertips.

Here are some of the awesome ways modern couples are stepping out of the box to make their wedding unique:

1. Casual wedding party attire.
Groomsmen in jeans, vests & suspenders? Check. Letting your bridesmaids pick their own dress to flatter their individual bodies? Check. Casual and eclectic – if done right – adds character without taking away from the day. Besides, all eyes should be on the bride anyway!

2. Bold, Vibrant color schemes.
We’ve seen an influx of bright color recently, and it makes us want to shout HOORAY! Soft romantic color schemes are always in style, but right now a pop of fluorescent or neon to a table arrangement or decor adds such a playful element to what could otherwise be drab.

3. Keeping your guests entertained.
With all the excitement of the day, you hardly have time to make sure all your guests are enjoying themselves. A new trend to keep guests mingling and engaged is to set up lounges with comfortable and stylish seating. Couches, chairs, coffee tables, rugs create a bar-like atmosphere where your guests will feel more at home and willing to mingle. Games such as horseshoe, jenga, even twister are popping up as great ways to get guests interacting with one another. It’s a great alternative to the dance floor and gets people chatting!

4. Finding alternatives to a ring bearer pillow.
One of the oldest traditions that we are happy to see go is the ring bearer pillow. Although it may hold sentimental value to some, there are many creative and amazing alternatives popping up. Vintage books, floral arrangements (think succulents & twigs), and wooden boxes are stylish yet functional. Another great option for the canine loving couple is to have the family pup prance down the aisle with the rings tied to the collar. (Sure to get the Aww! factor from the crowd).

5. Giving out guest Goodie bags.
Who doesn’t love surprises & gifts? Whether your budget is big or small, guests will love a little somethin’ special. Goodie bags are a fun way to show your appreciation to your loved ones for being a part of your special day, and the best part is that you can fill them with anything and everything. Planning to get wild with the reception? Give them a hangover kit on the way out. Having a beach wedding? A tote bag with flip flops and sunscreen will let your guests know you were thinking about them on your big day.

6. Planning activities for the kiddos.
All those tiny little dresses and suits are adorable at a wedding, but after a few hours of adult activities, those little ones get cranky thus making us adults cranky. But with a little creative thinking, this problem can certainly be solved. By offering a nearby play area for the kids with activity stations and a designated babysitter, you (and your guests) can sit back and relax knowing that the little munchkins are entertained while still being including the festivities. That’s right, go ahead and grab another champagne! (There are also endless opportunities for art projects to be made for the bride & groom).

7. Having dessert tables vs cake.
Let’s face it. Cake is traditionally a big part of the planning, and many times is also one of the most expensive. Although most people do love them some cake, a great way to get a bang for your buck is to offer a smaller cake with other dessert bites to choose from. This adds variety aesthetically as well as for the weirdos (like myself) who prefer brownies over cake. Cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream sundae bars, etc are some of the trends we’re seeing right now. Yum!

8. Hiring a Photo Booth.
Can’t wait to see the reception photos? Editing can take months. A photo booth is a great instant alternative that engages and adds an element of fun. There are mobile photo booth companies popping up in every city, and the benefit is that most will print two copies of the photos, one copy for your guests to take home, and the other for you to laugh at later. There are also many options for props.

9. Hosting multi-day celebrations.
Of course all eyes are on you for the big day… but modern couples are understanding the importance of the event as a way to celebrate not just their love, but the support that their loved ones are bringing them. What a great way to express this appreciation, by continuing the celebration and focusing on the guests. We’re seeing lots of post wedding brunches, camping trips, and overnight stays at resorts as a way to bring a vacation vibe to the event. Your guests are spending time and money to be by your side, extending their stay to include multiple activities is a great way to make everyone feel included. Postponing the honeymoon for a day or two is becoming more and more common so the happy couple can spend quality time with their loved ones – so much time and energy goes into planning the big day – and it goes by faster than you can imagine!

10. Lastly but certainly not least, the biggest sign that this ain’t your grandma’s wedding is the element of FUN that you bring to the celebration. We’ve all been to those weddings where you yawn during the ceremony and find yourself cruising Facebook on your smartphone. We sit through the toasts and admire the bride’s dress. We mingle with family members we’ve never met. We dance and drink champagne, but then go home and file our night into the “just another wedding” category. What tradition lacks is the fun playful element of JOY for not only the happy couple, but guests as well. 2013 is all about including everyone and celebrating – getting rid of uptight tradition and simply letting lose. Whether it’s staging a choreographed dance at the reception, or incorporating one of the above mentioned elements, you’ll be sure that your day will be as awesome as you are!

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