10 Helpful Honeymoon Packing Tips

The wedding is over and now it’s time to bask in the warmth of newlywed bliss.  It’s honeymoon time! The last thing you want on your honeymoon is to worry if you packed adequately for the trip.  Just like planning a wedding, getting ready for the honeymoon will ensure you are prepared and leave you stress free.  It’s important to start packing early and research your destination well before hand in case you need to buy any additional items.  We’ve compiled 10 useful tips to help make packing for your honeymoon a breeze!

1. Check the weather.  Research your destination to get a sense of the weather during the season of your visit.  This way you will not be caught off guard by the variances in your destination’s weather

2. Expect the unexpected.  The thing about traveling is that you can never be certain of what to expect when you get there.  That is why it’s important to pack at least one out of season outfit.  If you go to a tropical place pack a warmer outfit just to be safe, etc.

3. Chargers!  Do not forget your chargers.  Whether they be camera, computer or phone chargers make sure you pack the right chargers.  You will want to capture every special moment exploring a new place with your husband, so pack those chargers.

4. Check in with your family.  Before you leave, send your family members the itinerary for your trip.  This ensures they know where you will be should any unforeseen incidents occur.  This will ease the worries of loved ones while ensuring your safety as well.

5. Medicine cabinet. You don’t know how your body is going to react when you visit a new place so it’s nice to have some basic medications on hand.  Travel size aspirin and allergy medication. Tums and Eye drops are a great start to a basic medicine travel kit.  Feel free to add other medicines, depending upon your location and the activities you have planned.

6. Get organized.  A few days before the wedding gather all the necessary paperwork, tickets, identification, and money you need for the trip.  Pack it into your honeymoon suitcase so you guarantee you won’t forget anything.

7. The great outdoors.  Pack the clothes you will need for any outdoor activities.  That could be hiking, biking or even just laying by the pool.  Don’t forget your running shoes! Not only are they practical but they are so comfy!

8. Toiletries. Designate one of your carry ons for toiletries.  Must haves: toothbrush, hairbrush, sunscreen, toothpaste, lotion, tampons, hair products and razor. Try to buy travel size when you can and pack well because you don’t want to be left searching for a store.

9. Contraception.  This is important if pregnancy is not on your immediate to do list.  Assure your prescriptions are filled and the proper contraception bought ahead of time.

10. Store the bling.  Bring something to store your rings in when you have to take them off.  For example, you might not want to wear your ring while snorkeling or doing any sort of strenuous activity.  Bring something you use to hide your ring inside your suitcase or hotel safe.

Happy Honeymooning!

Jade Arvizu

Jade Arvizu

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Jade is a featured contributor at Bridal Hot List and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from UCLA with a minor in Film, Television and Digital Media. She lives in Santa Monica California where she enjoys the perks of coastal living mixed with the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles life.
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